Monday, April 22, 2019

title pic Budgeting for Your Wedding

Posted by Zuriana on June 9, 2008

Lara of Lara Swanson Photo wrote a great article on budgeting for your wedding

Additionally, couples may be surprised at how reasonable it is to hire a Professional Wedding Planner. Some couples may not budget for a Wedding Planner or think that they can not afford a Wedding Planner. Wedding Planners can save a couple time through the planner’s knowledge of reputable vendors. Also a professional Wedding Planner will find the most cost effective vendor based upon the couple’s particular needs all the while ensuring that the couple is getting the best value for their dollar. A Wedding Planner can also potentially save the couple money in the long run due to the professional working relationships the planner and vendors have established or through utilizing the planner’s negotiating skills.

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