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Posted by Zuriana on October 28, 2013

Introducing guest blogger Melanie Demb who describes herself as an Aspiring Event Planner. Melanie loves everything wedding and is absolutely passionate about what she does. With Melanie’s attention to detail and her love for what she does I know she’ll go far in the Wedding & Events industry. Enjoy the following article and look for some of Melanie’s pins on Zuriana’s Elegant Occasions Pinterest boards.

Photo credit: Jax Photography

Are you planning a wedding or a bridal shower? Consider the trendy chevron pattern for a possible theme. For those who may be unfamiliar with the design, chevron is a fractographic pattern consisting of back-to-back “V” shapes. It’s simple and economizing aesthetic adds a contemporary feel to any project you choose to include in your event.

Chevron by Jax Photography
Photo credit: Jax Photography

Chevron can be integrated in culinary arts, event attire, table settings and many more of your event details. With its simple yet elegant and modern appearance, this pattern can be used at events taking place all throughout the year. Whether in black and white or with a splash of your favorite colors, chevron never fails to add a sophisticated touch to any event.

For ideas on incorporating chevron in your next event, follow Zuriana’s Elegant Occasions’ Chevron Pinterest board!

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